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Sleep better.

RedLamp is an app for LIFX smart bulbs designed to help you sleep.

Lights for life

Use your lights to influence healthy sleep patterns.

An app for
the real world

Redlamp adjusts the color of the lighting in your home throughtout the day (and night).

Knowledge is power

Use the latest technology combined with modern sleep research to maximize your rest and stimulate your waking hours. RedLamp uses LIFX internet-connected smartbulbs to manage your circadian rhythm using the color balance of your home lighting.


  • Circadian rhythm management

    Your lights adjust throughout the day to provide your body with the optimum lighting conditions for a healthy sleep pattern.

  • Bedtime driftoff

    Fade your lighting instead of flicking it. Your lighting guides you as you drift off to sleep.

  • Soft alarm

    Wake to your lights, not an audial assault. RedLamp simulates the sunrise, when you need it.

The Hardware

LIFX bulbs are LED multicolor lamps with a wi-fi connection used to control the brightness, color and power of your home lighting.

You install the bulb in a regular light socket (available in E27 screw or B22 bayonet) and connect it to your wi-fi network using your phone. The bulb can then be controlled directly from mobile devices connected to that network.

In order to control the bulb over the internet, you 'claim' it to your LIFX cloud account, which allows the LIFX servers to communicate with the bulb over the internet, allowing you to turn the bulb on and off from your phone from anywhere with internet access.

RedLamp uses the internet connectivity of your LIFX bulb in order to automate your lights throughout the day.

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